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Title: Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. From Theory to Practice for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development. (in English)

Authors: Athanasios Valavanidis, Thomais Vlachogianni

Content: Green Chemistry and Green Engineering for Sustainable Development. Historical Development of the Green Chemistry Concepts. Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, Principles and Applications. Green Chemistry in Organic Synthesis. Green Chemistry and Toxic Solvents (Replacement, Alternative Methodologies). Analysis of Life Cycle of Industrial Products and Assessment. Green Chemistry and the Pharmaceutical Industries. Green Chemistry and Sustainable Agriculture. Green Chemistry and Engineering in the Energy Crisis. Biofuels, Biomaterials. The Role of Green Chemistry and Engineering in Sustainable Energy Resources. Green Chemistry and the Water Crisis. Green Engineering, Ecological Design of Industrial Products, Motor Vehicles, Electrical and Electronic Equipments and Recycling. Green Chemistry and Engineering in Education and University Courses and Research

Publication information: Year of Publication, 2012, 224  pages, ISBN: 978-960-9695-00-8

Publication information: “Sychrona Themata” (Contemporary Issues) , Non Profit Publishing Compnay, 12 Valaoritou str,  10671 Athens, Τel: 210-3628501

Distribution: The book is available in printed form by the Publications of the University of Thessaloniki. Also, the BOOK in electronic form is available (free of charge) through the web site of the Department of Chemistry, University of Athens, [Download the book here], and by the authors (, thvlach@chem.


Title: Toxicity and Ecotoxicity Tests in Aquatic Organizations (in Greek)

Authors: Thomais Vlachogiannis and Ath. Valavanidis

Content: The book is part of the educational papers on “Environmental Chemistry and Technology” and “Oceanography and Marine Environment Management”. Introduction to environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology – Basic categories of pollutants in the aquatic environment. Use of biomarkers to assess the toxic effects of pollutants – Toxicity tests on aquatic organisms – Acute toxicity tests – Methodology of toxicological standards -Aquatic toxicity tests – Acute toxicity tests – Methodology of toxicological test standards (Artemia, Daphnia magna, Algal growth, Mussels, Microtox, oxidative stress biomarkers, fish embryos, etc.) – Statistical results processing

Publication information: Year of Publication 2010, 103 pages, Published by: Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry, University of Athens, 15784 Athens.

Distribution: The book is available free of charge in electronic format (and for printing) from the Department of Chemistry website, EKE [Download the book here].
For more information, please contact the author, A. Vavalanidis, 210-7274479 and e-mail: and the eco-toxicology website:


Title: Environmental Chemistry (in Greek)

Authors: Michael Scoullos, Panagiotis Siskos

Publication information: Year of Publication 2010, 312 pages. Publisher SYMMETRIA. ISBN: 978-960-266-297-7

Distribution: “SYMMETRIA” Publishing House, 80, Ioan. Theologou str. (15773 Zografou), Tel., 21-.77.02.033


Title: Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology. Ecosystem Management – Ecological Risk Assessment (in Greek)

Authors: Ath. Valavanidis and Th. Vlachogiannis

Content: The planet is at risk. Global Environmental Pollution – Control of Chemicals – Legislative Regulations – Environmental Toxicology – Chemical Toxicity Control – Impacts of Chemical Pollutants on Organisms and Ecological Risks – Environmental Toxicology Toxicity, Structure-Toxicity Correlation (QSARs) , Sustainability-Ecological Importance of Biodiversity-Ecology, Basic Concepts-Population Ecology, Population Dynamics, Population Genetics – Ecotoxicology, Effect of Chemical Pollutants on Organisms and Ecosystems – Methodology of Ecotoxicological Research – Management and Protection of Ecosystems – Estimation of Ecological Risk – Environmental Impact Studies – The Natural Environment in Greece, Major Pollution Problems of the Environment
Appendices: Ecological and Environmental Terms Dictionary – Examples of Ecosystem Management and Protection in Greece. Extensive bibliography and scientific work for each book chapter. Color illustration for the electronic version

Publication information: Year of Publication 2008, 400 pages. A Publication of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Athens

Distribution: The book is available free of charge in electronic format (and for printing) from the Department of Chemistry website, [Download the book here: Part1, Part2, Part3]

It is available free of charge for use as teaching material in tertiary educational institutions. For additional information please contact: Prof. Ath. Valavanidis, 210-7274479 (E-mail:


Title: Basic Principles of Hygiene and Safety in Chemical and Biochemical Laboratories. Information on Dangerous Chemical Substances (in Greek)

Author: Athanasios Valavanidis

Content: General hygiene and safety rules in chemical laboratories – Health and safety legislation for workers – Minimum requirements for safety in chemical laboratories – Safety measures against radiation, laser radiation, radioactive elements – Hygiene and safety problems caused by biological agents and Animal testing – Risk assessment and control – Survey of epidemiological surveys (mortality-morbidity) for researchers in research laboratories – Standard questionnaire on safety rules in chemical laboratories – Rich literature – Research and results of pollutants in chemical laboratories of the Chemistry Department – Legislation and exposure limits for toxic and carcinogenic substances – Signs, standard R-phrases and precautionary statements (S) – Annexes for toxic information, Health and safety legislation a, safety rules in laboratories, bibliographic sources, information sources on the internet

Publication information: Year of Publication 2007, 174 pages

Distribution: The book is available free of charge from the Author Ath. Valavanidis (, tel. 210-7274479, 7274763 and in electronic format from the webpage of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Athens [Download the book here: Part1, Part2]


Title: Ecotoxicology and Environmental Toxicology: Research Methodology and Ecological Risk Assessment of Dangerous Chemical Substances (in Greek)

Author: Athanasios Valavanidis

Content: The book of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Toxicology is a continuation of the book: Basic Principles of Environmental Chemistry (2000), issued for the needs of the postgraduate studies in Chemistry and Environmental Technology. Ecotoxicology is a course of choice for the Environmental Chemistry cycle (4th year).
Book Contents: Introduction to the concepts of toxicology, environmental toxicology and ecotoxicology. Examples of environmental pollution. Basic Principles of Toxicology. Environmental Toxicology Problems: Atmospheric Pollution, Pollution of Water Systems, Soil Pollution. Basic Principles of Ecotoxicology. Ecotoxicological Investigations. Testing and Standards of Ecotoxicological Research. Methodology of Ecotoxicological Research. Assessment of Environmental and Ecological Risks from Toxic and Dangerous Substances. Annexes: Surveys of Environmental Toxicology and Ecotoxicology (Pb, Cd, Hg, pesticides, dioxins, PAHs, PCBs). Toxicological Data for Chemical Substances and Toxicity and Hazard Classification according to the EU. Environmental Pollution Information Networks. Books and scientific research on Ecotoxicology. Greek and European Legislation for Environmental Protection. International conventions. Bibliography until 2007.

Publication information: a Publictaion of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Athens, Athens, 2007. It is distributed free of charge by the author in electronic format from the webpage of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Athens[download the book here]. Ath. Valavanidis, 210-7274479, E-mail:


Title: Environment and Malignant Neoplasias. Exogenous-Environmental Carcinogenic Factors in Human and Risk Assessment. (in Greek)

Author: Athanasios Valavanidis

Content: Environmental-exogenous factors and malignant neoplasms in humans. Timeless mortality and morbidity trends of malignant neoplasms. International statistics and data from Europe and Greece. Risk assessment and exposure to carcinogens in the work and physical environment. Carcinogenic chemicals. Classification Criteria. Assessment of carcinogenicity and related legislation / regulation. Carcinogens in the working environment and occupational cancer. Air pollution and lung cancer. Comparison of risk assessments and occupational exposure to carcinogens. Active and passive smoking. Pollution of drinking water and carcinogens. Diet and malignant neoplasia. Naturally existing carcinogenic and food pollutants and substances formed during cooking.
Environmental pollution and pesticides and malignant neoplasias. Ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer. Risk assessment from exposure to solar radiation and the reduction of stratospheric ozone. Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and malignant neoplasms

Publication information: Year of Publication, 218 pages, ISBN 960-8071-05-4

Distribution: BHTA Medical Publication (2, Adrianou str. 11525 Athens, τel.. 210-6714371, 210-6714340) and in  central bookstors.


Title: Occupational Cancer: Exposure to carcinogens at work and risk assessment (in Greek)

Authors: Ath. Valavanidis, Em. Velonakis

Content: : Introductory remarks – Occupations and occupational cancer – Epidemiological statistics on occupational cancer – Occupational cancer in developed and developing countries – Reports on carcinogenic agents in the working environment – Occupational cancer in Greece – Extensive literature – Legislation

Publication information: Year of Publication 1997, 94 pages.

Distribution: A Publication of the Institute for Health, Security and Working Conditions and of the Hellenic Anti-Cancer Society 77, 3rd September str, 10434 Atehns, tel. 210-8839807, 210-8228888


Title: Chemical Factors in the Work Environment: Employee Health and Safety Issues (in Greek)

Author: Athanasios Valavanidis

Content: : Systematic review and investigation of the chemical agents that prevail in the working environment and are responsible for health and safety problems. The following issues are covered: Toxic and carcinogenic substances, ways of action, effects – Exposure limit values, scientific criteria, risk assessment – Sampling methodology – Occupational risk assessment – Occupational protection measures – Indoor pollution — Dangerous chemicals (Seveso I Directive) The book also Includes: Many annexes, bibliography, country limit values, safety labels, newsletters, etc

Publication information: Year of Publication 1995, 286 pages.

Distribution: “Sygxrona Themata” Contemporary Issues Publishing Company (non profit)  12, Valaoritou str., Athens 10671, tel. 210-3628501 and Institute for Health, Security and Working Conditions


Title: Working Environment: Occupational Health and Safety Issues of Workers in Greece. (in Greek)

Authors: Ath. Valavanidis, N. Saraphopoulos

Content: Historical overview of the health and safety problems of workers in Greece – Accidents at work, statistics, occupational diseases – Occupational disease risk assessments in Greece in groups of professions, heavy and unhealthy occupations – The participation of health and safety workers in Greece and in the European Union – Annexes: Legislation, Organizations on Health and Safety Issues in Greece and Other Countries – Analytical Bibliography

Publication information: Year of Publication 1988, 206 pages

Distribution: “Sygxrona Themata” Contemporary Issues Publishing Company (non profit)  12, Valaoritou str., Athens 10671, tel. 210-3628501, 210-7274479